Going to Court for DUI without a Lawyer – 8 facts you Need to Know Now

Why You Shouldn’t Go to Court for DUI Without a Lawyer

Going to court for DUI without a lawyer may be a costly mistake and one of the worst decisions you can make. Several things can go wrong. Your case may not be filed on the first day of court which which means you will have to come back and watch your mail box. This can add months to your case and even result in a warrant for your arrest if you do not get the letter in the mail.  

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going to court for dui without a lawyer will trigger premature DMV suspensions

Even if you plead guilty, you won’t know if you are getting taken for a ride by the Orange County District Attorney. They are not there to help you out and to look out for your interest.  Hence you may your sentence may still be more severe then it needs to be. With an attorney even if you plea guilty at least you know you are not being cheat as opposed to going to court for DUI without a lawyer. 

Risks Going to court for DUI without a lawyer of representing yourself

The biggest risk is losing your case because you have not been able to review the police report and audio/video on your case.  You may have defense you are leaving on the table and not know about it. In addition, even if you are good for the DUI then there are still reductions in your penalties you can be leaving on the table in the form of reduced cal trans and reduced classes or probation if you are going to court for DUI without a lawyer.  Without an advocate the judge may order you to do more cal trans (trash pickup than necessary) at the risk of going to jail. 

You may not go to jail but but you not know what you could have taken off the table for fines, classes, time on probation and the waiving of your constitutional rights.    Your saving in money  may be short-lived if you end up going to jail and are set up to lose because you accepted an impossible to perform offer because of going to court for DUI without a lawyer. 

The prosecutor  could take advantage of your ignorance of the law and push extra terms on you that they wouldn’t have been able to if you had an experienced attorney. You may end up going to jail and end up paying more in fines. To determine if you should hire an attorney  you must first consult about your case. 

Other Consequences of Going to court for DUI without a lawyer

Most people are aware that a drunk driving charge in may result in criminal charges in the Orange County Courthouse. However, they do not know that it also involves a hearing at the local driver safety office for their driving privileges.  This can affect their driving privileges. If they do not request an APS hearing then their license can get suspended.

In addition if a person’s license gets suspended and they continue driving then this can result in new charges and ultimately the police taking away a person’s car.  In order to avoid this outcome, they should contact an experienced DUI lawyer in Orange County  who can help them stop the license suspension that comes with the Orange Driver Safety Office when arrested for a DUI.

Having an attorney at your DMV Hearing could help you get back on the road and stop your license from being suspended after the 30 days.. An experienced attorney can explain the process and make sure you understand what is going on so that you are not driving on a suspended license. You’ll also have someone there who knows how to navigate the system instead of going to court for DUI without a lawyer

An Attorney Offers Support and Guidance

You should hire an experienced DUI lawyer who will work hard to minimize the impact of your arrest on your life. Your lawyer will know what to do to protect your rights and ensure that you receive fair treatment.

Can a Lawyer Get My DUI Dismissed?

Yes a  lawyer can get your DUI case dismissed. There are certain ways to get DUI charges dropped. Even if you fail the field sobriety test and had a BAC over.08, there are ways to fight the charges. 

You may use a strategy to contest the validity of the stop and check. Meaning  you can fight illegal searches, seizures, and arrests if you know about the law. 

Blood alcohol tests are the most reliable way to measure whether or not a person was drunk. However, if the police officer did not obtain the blood properly then it may be thrown out. In addition, the sample needs to be taken and preserved properly to avoid fermentation. 

Results of a breath test -The breath machines are not always working. In addition, there is a the rising blood alcohol defense.  If you have a medical conditions that might affect the result, you may be able tp have the results questioned.

An experienced lawyer who knows how to fight back against the state’s case. An inexperienced attorney might not know what to do when faced with the evidence presented by the prosecution.

Negotiate for a Plea Bargain

Pleading guilty may be the  only option for people who are accused of driving under the influence. However that does not mean the terms are set in stone. Having a lawyer helps you make smart and informed decisions about your case. This can mean the difference between pleading with an allegation of over .15 or .20 which carries with it different consequences.  

If the prosecutor can’t prove your case for the purpose of the allegation, then the allegation will not hold up in any court and you’ll get off on it. In the end it will be a be a waste of time for the prosecutor and they will get reprimanded for using resources.   You need a good lawyer to negotiate a plea bargain in order to plead guilty, ensuring you get the lessened punishments and reduced penalties.

You Need an Attorney to Go to Trial

In order to represent oneself in a DUI trial, you need to be very familiar with the California Evidence Code otherwise known as the the law of evidence. You can’t do this by going to court for DUI without a lawyer.  You must also understand how to conduct a successful DUI Defense inside a courtroom.

Judges are generally not sympathetic to people who represent themselves.  They need to be unbiased and hold people who represent themselves to the same standard as an attorney even if the people do not know what they are doing. Having an experienced lawyer will help you avoid this situation.

Is a DUI Lawyer Worth It?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes with a caveat. Only a qualified DUI lawyer can know the ins and out of a DUI case and the court process attached. If you want to avoid a DUI conviction or at least not be taken for a ride by the prosecutor then your best chance lies in the hands of a DUI Lawyer.

Going to court for dui without a lawyer will only hurt you. Your lawyer can help you avoid jail time or other penalties if you get arrested for drunk driving. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how to navigate the system and protect your criminal rights and driver license rights. The caveat here is how whether you can make an investment for the DUI Lawyer. 

Do I Need a Lawyer to plead guilty to a DUI?

No. however, You need to know what the terms of what you re pleading guilty to.  There are many things to consider before entering a guilty plea.  Pleading guilty to a DUI charge is more than just avoiding jail time and saving money. You will also have to attend DUI school and time your license suspension as well.

By going to court for DUI without a lawyer you risk doing wrong to your case then you can be driving on a suspended license which can result in your car being impounded and you’ll have to pay for storage which can run thousands on top of the new charges. This will also result in you having a driving on suspended license because of a DUI on your record as well VC 14601.2. 

Even if you believe you are guilty of a DUI, there might still be some facts about the case that you do not know. You should at least discuss your situation with an attorney before pleading guilty to the charges. If you plead guilty, you will accept the charges as true along with all the consequences. 

Types of cases where lawyers are necessary

DUIs with accidents, hit and runs, speeding, and 2nd DUI and 3rd DUIS  are very serious  because of the cost of freedom involved. These cases in involve the very real possibility of jail.  Lawyers who handle DUIs are knowledgeable about your case.  Their law practice focuses  DUI cases. Call them now at (714) 589-3063 or click here to get started.

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