November 13, 2013

Notification of findings from DMV after a DUI

California Restricted License Violation untitled

Scope of the California Restrict License Violation (What you can do)

When you get a DUI, there will be steps you must take to get a restricted license. One of these steps is serving out the full 30 days of your hard suspension.

A Hard Suspension for the purpose of a California Restricted License Violation is not driving anywhere for 30 days. This means no driving to school or work. If you are caught driving anywhere during this time, then you will be violating the terms of your California Restricted License Violation. This violation will subject you to lose your California Restricted License Violation and also this will set you up for new charges of driving on a suspended license if you are caught driving. For example, your California Restricted License Violation says you will only be able to drive to DUI school and back and from work, however you decide to go to court instead and think it is okay. When you are at court, an officer observes that you are not allowed to be at court and follows you out. If he stops you, then you will be subjected to a charge of driving outside of your license.

Getting caught and California Restricted License Violation

It doesn’t happen very much, but it does happen. A person needs to be smart about a California Restricted License Violation and know where they are going. It’s important that you bootstrap your activities into the scope of your restricted license to avoid a California Restricted License Violation. For example, you may want to do the little things while you are on your way to work. Some of these things may include getting gas on the way to work or your DUI school. It’s important that you know what to say to a police officer when you get pulled over, especially when you have a restricted license.