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DUI of Drugs



DUI of Drugs

DUI of Drugs case is similar to a DUI of alcohol case. The only difference between the two is that instead of alcohol its drugs. It does not matter what type of drug you use whether its illegal or not. Meth, prescription drugs like Vicodin, or over the counter drugs all fall under DUI of Drugs. This is defined as driving under the influence of drugs that prohibits or impairs the nervous system, brain, or muscles. If you were impaired to such a degree that you cannot drive with caution then you fall under DUI of Drugs. However the way you drive is not the only thing they take into consideration for the case.

often when an officer pulls you over and sees you acting unusual but there is no evidence of alcohol he or she will call a drug expert. The drug recognition expert has training in determining whether the driver has taken (and which) drugs. The drug expert will then do tests in a controlled, and well-lit area. This is unlike an alcohol case where its done on a roadside. DUI of Drugs

Defense against DUI of Drugs

Everyone has different reactions with drugs. When you are pulled over, it does not mean you were under its influence. The drugs can last a few hours to months depending on your body. Perhaps if you were not feeling your best that day. Then simple explanations can mirror impairments caused by drugs. If you were tired, had allergies, or were sick, and or injured can all be conditions that can explain impairment. There can also be improper results on the chemical tests even if they came out positive.

Being charged with a DUI of drugs is just as difficult as fighting one against alcohol. It is crucial to have an attorney that knows the DUI laws and has the DUI training, to fight your case.

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