DUI Drugs and Marijuana

DUI Drugs and Marijuana

DUI Drugs and marijuana has been in the spotlight in California these last couple of years. Until recently, many prosecutors did not put much effort into dealing with DUI Drugs and Marijuana. There are many similarities with DUI Drugs and Marijuana and the more traditional alcohol DUI.  However the chemicals act differently once they are in the body. In addition to this, there has not been enough research to track the active marijuana inside the human body for the purpose of proving driving impairment.

DUI Drugs and marijuana

Standard Field Sobreity Test are not designed for DUI Drugs and marijuana. There is no exact science to prove impairment.

Standard Field sobriety Test are not made for DUI Drugs and Marijuana.

Standard Field Sobriety Test are made by NHTSA for alcohol. They are validated for alcohol and not for drugs or marijuana. This means that their predictive powers come from statistics and past test. There is also discussion that these standard field sobriety test are not done right for alcohol, but that is beyond the scope of this article. The bottom line is that the police officer will have to use another method to measure people for being under the influence or DUI Drugs and Marijuana. This is where officer with DRE training will come in.  DRE stands for Drug Recognition expert. DRE trained officers are supposed to look for signs of people under the influence but even they are not perfect in doing things.

DUI Drugs and Marijuana do not involve a statutory limit.

Unlike alcohol where there is a statutory limit of .08 BAC. There is no statutory limit for DUI Drugs and Marijuana. This makes it a lot harder for the prosecution to prove impairment. Furthermore, there is a lack of studies which would indicate impairment at a certain level. This is the case because there are ethical problems with doping people up with drugs for the purpose of an experiment.


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