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Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving is never advisable. My best advise for dealing with a Drunk Driving charge is never drink in the first place. Prevention of Drunk Driving is the best way to go. I know it sounds odd as a DUI attorney to tell someone not to drink, but it’s simply the truth. This is because police officers are trained to look for Drunk Driving on the weekends. They are trained to use all their senses. A police officer will use their sense of smell to pick up any odor of alcohol. Sight to record and clues of Drunk Driving. Some of these may include weaving or driving in multiple lanes.  In addition they will use their sense of hearing to detect if a person is Drunk Driving. People are often confused when I say this and often ask me how?  The answer is in the voice or at least it will appear that will in paper. The officer will say that he heard the person’s speech was slurred. This indicates that the person was intoxicated and is consistent with Drunk Driving. However, the officer can also be working backwards because he has already smelled the odor of alcohol and as a result he is backing into the facts.

A person is very very vulnerable to a police officer’s investigation when they have been drinking. When a person gives off an odor it is an clue of Drunk Driving and the rest is simply fact collecting to arrive at a conclusion which is usually a person is drunk.. Whenever  a person is pulled over he should exercise his constitutional rights.  It is very hard to do this when a person has an officer breathing down their face and asking them questions about what they had to drink and demanding them to do  standard field sobreity test. . But it must be done. I often recommend a person to consult with an attorney for best practices as to how to deal with a Drunk Driving situation on the roadside.

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