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Drugs and Narcotic Crimes

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Drugs and Narcotic Crimes

Drugs and Narcotic Crimes is an umbrella term that covers multiple different types of drug crimes. Drugs and Narcotic Crimes can range from possession, selling, transportation, manufacturing, or under the influence of drugs. Law enforcement is always under pressure from political and social influence. Therefore whenever drug busts that concerns drugs and narcotics are done there is always a possibility of rushed and reckless actions or misconduct on the police side. Example of a rushed and reckless action is if the police officer saw something suspicious and told you to immediately be ready for a search and seizure or open the trunk. Drugs and narcotics cases can also be handled with misconduct by law enforcement as well. Often times the officer will force the suspect into committing another crime known as “entrapment“. Drugs and Narcotics crimes is an easily misunderstood crime since a lot of the evidence and allegations mostly come from eye witnesses.drugs and narcotics

PUNISHMENTS for Drugs and Narcotics Crimes

It’s important to note however that Drugs and Narcotics crimes is not the actual crime. Whenever someone is charged with a drug and narcotic crime there is a group it falls into. Different types of drugs and narcotics will have varying effects on the charges. Having illegal substances or prescription drugs not registered to you carries the more severe consequences. Being under the influence of drugs without prescription, or with illegal substances can possibly give you 90 days in jail. This is the least punishing crime in the drugs and narcotics categories. Possession of drug paraphernalia such as pipes and needles can jail you up to six months. Transportation, selling, and manufacturing of drugs all carry the highest charges. These can include up to 7 years in prison.

It’s important to hire an attorney that knows the consequences and the different types of drugs and narcotics to help you in your case.

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