May 5, 2014

California Child Endangerment Law

California Child Endangerment Law can be charged if someone or the parent makes the child suffer justifiable physical or mental pain. Willfully lets a child be injured. Or puts a child in a dangerous situation. The child itself does not have to suffer injuries. It just requires that the situation CAN cause the child harm or injury. A very famous example of this type of case is leaving a child in the car. However it can range from driving intoxicated with a child in the car. Or putting the child in an unsafe area such as nearby during a drug deal. You can be charged even if you leave the child at home and not in your care. Leaving a child at home with weapons such as guns or knives or with a babysitter that’s abusive can lead to child endangerment law. Child Endangerment

PUNISHMENTS for Child Endangerment Law

The charges for child endangerment can vary depending on the situation the child was in. If there was a risk of great bodily injury then the case can be considered as either a misdemeanor or a felony. The child itself does not have to be injured just be in the presence of it. As a misdemeanor you can see up to 1 year in jail. However for a felony then you can see up to 6 years in prison. If there was no risk of great bodily injury to the child, then the case will automatically be considered as a misdemeanor. If the child did receive great bodily injury then you will also receive a strike  according to California’s three strikes law.

Defenses against California Child Endangerment Law

If you had justifiable reason to put the child through pain then you wont be charged. Such as if a child was about to walk into the street with a car coming and you tackled that child. Or perhaps you did not mean to put the child in danger. Example would be if the child was with a baby sitter and having a violent fiancé take the child. Related offenses include contributing to delinquency of a minor.

California Child Endangerment Law is an easy crime to be charged with. No one should be wrongfully charged with this crime. Have an attorney look over your case.