Criminal Law and Immigration

Criminal Law and Immigration

Criminal Law and Immigration is the understanding of what defense attorneys can do for immigrants who are convicted of a crime in the US. Its important to understand that under US immigration laws, some crimes can lead to deportation. For the more serious convictions, you can become inadmissible. What this means that you will be unable to come back tot he US. This means you can’t re-enter the US after leaving, can’t become a citizen, and you cannot change your status from illegal immigrant to legal. An interesting thing to note is that although you may be inadmissible, you may not be deported. These crimes will make green card holders helpless. The basic guidelines for crimes to avoid deportation and becoming inadmissible is categorized as “Crime of Moral Turpitude“. These crimes are classified as crimes that are vile, harmful, or frauds another human. Luckily this means that not all crimes can lead to deportation. Crimes that can lead to deportation and in-admission can include but not limited to arson, kidnapping, and, drug related offenses.Criminal Law and Immigration

How to know if you may face deportation

The crimes mentioned above are not enough to get you deported. You had to be convicted with a year or longer of punishment within 5 years of being in the US. Or if you had two past offenses with crimes of moral turpitude.

How to know if you may be INADMISSIBLE

It is nearly the same as knowing whether you may face deportation. The only difference here is that you can be inadmissible at any time. And that your conviction must be for one crime that has a jail sentence of less than 6 months.

If you were deemed as deportable or inadmissible by the authorities, you will go to a US immigration court for a removal hearing.

Having an attorney for Criminal Law and Immigration can vastly improve your chances at reducing the punishments, and stay in the country.

Hieu Vu

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