Metropolitan Courthouse Los Angeles – 4 Mistakes to Avoid On Your Court Date

Metropolitan Courthouse Los Angeles


Navigating the complexities of a court appearance demands more than just a basic understanding of the legal process. Whether you’re facing a DUI charge, a traffic violation, or any other legal matter, being prepared can significantly impact the outcome of your case. This guide aims to expand upon the essential aspects covered in attorney services, providing you with a comprehensive roadmap to navigate the Metropolitan Courthouse in Los Angeles and beyond. From understanding courtroom proceedings to exploring alternative resolutions, this guide equips you with the insights you need to make informed decisions during this crucial juncture.

Understanding Courtroom Proceedings:

Their first court appearance is called an arraignment. During this court appearance can last an entire morning. Once you enter the courtroom, you will see the bailiff, the prosecutor. Public defender and the galley. The galley is where you will sit for your case as you wait for the judge to call your name. Once the judge calls your name, the prosecutor will represent him or herself Then the judge will look at you And ask you whether you Enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. The judge runs the courtroom And decides the punishment on your case. The prosecutors make the case against you and suggest a punishment. Defense attorneys advocate on your behalf. It is important that you adhere to courtroom decorum when you are inside the room. This means Appropriate clothing. You do not want to be wearing a hat or any type of clothing with disrespectful Pictures or drug Signs.

The worse thing to do is wait in line only be told you were in the wrong side of the building .This happens a lot at the Metro Courthouse in LA

1945 South Hill Street Los Angeles is what I google whenever I need to make it to the Metropolitan Courthouse.  Even as a seasoned Criminal Defense Attorney, I still do the same thing.

The purpose of this article is to give you a guide on how to approach your ticket or arraignment date on your DUI. It helps you figure out what type of ticket you have and provide you with a number and links to look up your case. This will bring down the time you will need to spend in line waiting for a court clerk or traffic ticket clerk. 

Checklist of things to bring to Metropolitan Courthouse Los Angeles
Top 5 Things you need before going to your first appreance at the Metropolitan Courthouse Los Angeles

Before going to court be sure you bring the following materials with you. 

  • Bring Change for parking (quarters)
  • A copy of your ticket
  • Glasses if you have problems seeing
  • Belt with little metal

Preparing for Your Court Date with an Attorney

The best way to prepare for a court appearance is to hire an attorney to advocate on your behalf. Having an attorney advocate on your behalf Means you do not have to worry about any of the small details. The attorney will go to court for you. They will also get the police reports and get any type of audio and video on your case. In addition, they will negotiate out with the City attorney at the Metropolitan Courthouse for your case. This cuts out the need to do any type of getting ready mentally to show up to court and wasting your entire morning trying to understand what is going on inside that courthouse.

Preparing for Your Court Date without an Attorney at the Metropolitan Courthouse

On the other hand, if you do not plan on having an attorney go for you, then it is advisable to show up to the Metropolitan Courthouse at Hill Street at 8:30 AM in the morning. You will need to bring money for parking on Hill St. On Hill Street, there are several places to park your car. The parking lot closest to the courthouse with the underground access and elevator will run you between 10 to $15. If you wanted to payless for parking, you can park on Hill Street, just a little bit beyond McDonald’s. The cost for parking on the street is $0.25 per 15 minutes. You should plan to be there until 12:00 On your case. The first thing you should do when you get inside the courthouse is to look at the television screen. You will find your name on this screen and the department number on your case. Historically, the cases at the Metropolitan Courthouse has been assigned to Department 60. Once you get inside the department, you can let the bailiff know that you were there and you will be waiting to talk with the prosecutor on your case. The prosecutor should arrive and talk to you about your case and let you know about the offer on it

Step 1: Bring Change for Parking at the Metropolitan Courthouse Los Angeles.

This is a nightmare at the courthouse and the parking companies will rip you off. If you park around the McDonalds then it will only cost you a quarter for every 15 minutes as opposed to 10 to 12 dollars in the garage. If you plan to park on the streets then arrive at the courthouse by 8:15/8:30 to get the best spots. Parking by the street should add no more than a half mile walk.

Shows teh front of Metropolitan Courthouse Los Angeles
Metropolitan Courthouse Los Angeles is one of the most crowded courthouses in Soutehrn California

Step 2: Don’t wear a belt with Metal to the Metropolitan Courthouse Los Angeles.

You will go thru metal detectors at teh courthouse. After waiting in line to get into the courthouse you will get your chance to go into the metal detectors. The bailiffs at the courthouse are not known for their skills to give you a good customer service experience. It is a much more comfortable process to just go thru this smoothly instead of getting hassled.

Los Angeles License Suspension
Courts will suspend people’s licenses when they do not show up to court.

Step 3 – Have your ticket or Citation Ready in Case they Find Your Case at the Metropolitan Courthouse Los Angeles.

You may need this when you go to court and when you do you will be happy you brought it with you. The reason is the televisions do not have everyone’s name listed on it or your case may not be filed. If this is the case and your case is not filed on time then you will need to stand in the long lines to get to the court clerk. If you stand in line to get to the clerk, the last thing you need is to be told after waiting 45 minutes in line is to be told what you already know. “There is no record of you”.

Step 4 – Write these Phone Numbers Down for the Metropolitan Courthouse Los Angeles or Print this out.

You may be able to save a  trip to the courthouse by calling the numbers. In addition to this you can call these numbers while waiting in line or before you go to court to save yourself a trip. Nothing is worse than waiting in line for 45 minues then being told you were in the wrong section of the building.


Directory Criminal Clerk’s Office Second Floor, Windows 1-3 Phone: (213) 745-3202 Phone hours: 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.; 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

What is the number to coordinate my alcohol classes for my DUI?

The number to cooridinate your alcohol clases is Alcohol Program Office Sixth Floor, Room 609 Phone: (213) 744-3791

Community Service Office Second Floor, Windows 5-9 Phone: (213) 743-5541

G.C. Services First Floor, Window 21 Phone: (800) 352-3778

Traffic Clerk’s Office First Floor Phone: (213) 745-3201 Phone hours: 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.; 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Traffic School First Floor, Window 11 Traffic Telephone Payments Additional Traffic Information (not payments) Phone: (213) 745-3201 Phone hours: 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.; 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.


Call us for help…

Importance of Legal Counsel:

Having legal counsel is beneficial to navigating the legal process. Having an attorney Who is familiar with the metropolitan courthouse can mean the difference between getting your DUI dismissed or having a guilty plea enter into your own behalf. In addition, having legal counsel in this case would also mean you may not have to ever appear on your case. The bottom line is that an experience attorney would be able to convey a strong defense in your case and negotiate the best deal for you. For example, your case may be worth a reckless, however, the District Attorney or city attorney will want to go after. For a DUI. An experienced attorney will know this and Advocate on your behalf for a reckless.

Unfortunately, your traffic or DUI ticket at the Hill St Courthouse won’t go away if you ignore it. It will only results in a failure to appear in court. And if you plead guilty or no contest, your insurance rates will go up, and you could get a suspended license or even jail time. At a minimum, your insurance rates will go up, as will your driving record points. If you want to get the best possible outcome, you need to fight your ticket.

It’s important to contact us right away to be prepared to know what is coming at you from the front door to the courtroom. For more information or if you want representation on your case then you contact a DUI Attorney with the make an appointment button.

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Exploring Alternative Resolutions:

Not every case goes to a jury trial. Many DUI cases will resolve itself without having to go through the two week jury trial. There are alternatives to the traditional court proceedings. On DUI’s at the Metropolitan Courthouse, these proceedings could be resolving the case through a plea bargain. A plea bargain is when two parties get together and negotiate out and compromise on both sides. Typically, the compromise will involve some kind of fines and community service in exchange for a minimum sentence.

Addressing Sentencing Options:  

Potential outcomes at the Metropolitan Courthouse in regards to your DUI case can differ. The biggest factor is whether or not you have prior incidences of DUI’s. If you have had prior incidences of DUI’s, then the prosecutors will go after you for jail time. The more recent your DUI is, the higher the sentence the prosecutors will go after you at the metropolitan Courthouse. For a second and third DUI’s, it can go as high as one year in jail. Other factors that the judge will consider is whether or not there was speeding or some type of reckless driving, and whether or not somebody was hurt. Finally, the of the last factor they will consider is whether or not a child was involved in the DUI incidents.

Post-Court Considerations at the Metropolitan Courthouse on Hill Street

After your court appearance, you should write down any type of new dates you have. In addition to this, you also need to write down the instructions the judge gave you following your case. If you resolved your DUI case inside the courtroom, then there should be an alcohol window you can go to. This alcohol window will send you over to your DUI class. In addition to this, the judge will also let you know about the dates he needs you to pay your fines. In addition to all this, the judge will also give you dates where you have to turn in your proof and enrollment for your alcohol classes. Typically speaking at the Metropolitan Courthouse on Hill Street, the deadline for the proof enrollment on alcohol classes is 21 days after the date of pleading out or resolving your case. If there was an accident, then the judge will also give you a Date for a restitution hearing. A restitution hearing is when you show up to court to Figure out how much money you owe to the victim. As far as collections and fines goes. You have one year to show up to the window to pay your fines.

Link to LA County Superior Courthouses
Link to check your case online.
Link to My tools and Resource Page. You can use this to download expungement forms and look up your criminal record.
Other forms you can use with the Courthouse

Frequently Asked Questions about the Metropolitan Courthouse Los Angeles : 

What to expect if a DUI on the first date?

If your ticket is for a hit and run, DUI, or driving on a suspended license you should expect to go upstairs to department 60.

What if I missed my court date and they suspended my license?

For cases that are not on the calendar then you will need to see the GC services clerk by waiting in line. It is advisable to never pay the asking amount on your ticket. You should fight the case because there is a high likelihood of dismissal at the courthouse. GC Services is a different Court Window than the clerk. Be sure you are standing in the right line.

What if I do not see my case on the television?

If it is your appearance date and you do not see your case on the calendar then it is important that you stand in line and see the Traffic Ticket Clerk or Criminal Clerk. There is a chance that they reordered your name or used the incorrect order. In addition to that, the case may not have been filed and they will send you to notice. The bottom line is that is important that you make a record that you showed to court.

Can I check my case online before going to court? 

Yes, you can check your case online at It’s best to check it onlin before you go so you will know what courtroom to go to. Even if you do not see your case onlnie, you should still go to cover yourself. 


As you venture into the realm of court appearances and attorney services, remember that knowledge is your most powerful ally. Armed with a deeper understanding of courtroom proceedings, legal representation, and alternative resolutions, you can approach your case with greater confidence. Whether your journey involves tackling a DUI charge or addressing a traffic violation, the choices you make can shape the trajectory of your future. Embrace the guidance provided in this expanded guide to not only navigate the intricacies of the legal system but also to ensure you’re prepared for what lies ahead.

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