Fullerton Courthouse – 2 Mistakes You Need to Avoid on Your Court Date

Fullerton Courthouse

Where is the Fullerton Courthouse?

The Fullerton Courthouse is located on Harbor street. It is next to the park and trails. Unlike Westminster Courthouse and Santa Ana, the Fullerton Courthouse does not charge for parking. The majority of cases there are criminal where people have been arrested. These include felony cases and misdemeanors (DUI, public urination, shoplifting from Disneyland and a handful of traffic cases)

There are some civil cases there, but those are exceptional. Fullerton Courthouse handles most of the criminal case filings involving Brea, Yorba Linda, Fullerton, Anaheim and the surrounding areas.  Most of the cases that goes thru Fullerton involve DUIs along Imperial Highway and the 57/91 freeway and people bringing drugs into and stealing from Disneyland.

Misdemeanor cases in Fullerton Courthouse.

Most of the cases in Fullerton are criminal cases filed by the Orange County District Attorneys Office but there are a handful of cases that also filed by the Anaheim City Prosecutors and the City of Fullerton on behalf of the city for public urination cases.

There can be 50 to 75 cases set for arraignment on any day in the Fullerton Courthouse. Arraignments in Fullerton Courthouse as of the writing of this post are held in N8. N8 is on the right side of the courthouse and is located on the third floor.

You have to enter in the courthouse from the 3rd floor.

Fullerton Courthouse
The screens will display your name. It is on the right hand side after you pass the metal detectors. It is important that you be there on time for your court date. into the courthouse from the 3rd floor. Once you enter into the courthouse, you will need to make a right and go upstairs. You need to make another right once you are upstairs and the courtroom will be on your left.What Happens on the First Day of Court?

The arraignment is your first day of court. It is the date where you can say you are guilty or not guilty. There is also a third option for a two-week extension to find yourself an attorney.  Some examples of the cases that go thru N8 are DUI, public urination, petty theft, driving with no license, and driving on a suspended license. This is not an exhaustive list.

You Must Be at Your Courtroom at 8:30

You will find your courtroom on the television screen. The television screens are on the right side of the courthouse after you the metal detectors. It is important that you show up at the Fullerton Courthouse at 8:30 for court. Warrants are issued if you come late. I have seen people being issued warrants at 10:00 and you must be there in time, .

The court is no joke, you must be there on time! If you are late, then you must tell the bailiff that you came in late. You must not annoy the bailiff. It’s also important that you schedule enough time to stay at the courthouse. A good rule of thumb is to have nough time to stay until lunch.

When Going to the Fullerton Courthouse You Should Reserve a Half a Day

You should reserve a half a day when going to the Fullerton Courthouse.  You may get quicker than that, but is better to be safe than sorry. Many times you will fine yourself waiting in line or in the hallway for your case to be called.  This may take up to 90 minutes. In addition to this if you may have to fill out forms and go to windows for to register for you DUI classes and workout your fines with collections..

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