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Contributing to Delinquency of a Minor

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Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor

Contributing to Delinquency of a minor is a crime that can be easily mistaken. A simple example of this crime is an adult that supplies a minor drugs or alcohol. A minor is considered anyone that is under the age of 18. The main ways to decide whether o r not you were Contributing to Delinquency of a minor is when you or the minor commit an act that will end in a crime. When you fail to act to prevent a crime. And when that crime will cause a minor to become a criminal. These laws apply to strangers, parents, and other minors alike. As a parent you are held responsible if the minor is your child. As a parent you are liable to exercise care, supervision, protection and control over the minor. Failing to do these or refuse to do them makes them liable for Contributing to Delinquency of a minor. However if the parent reasonably tried to control him or her but it fails then he or she cannot be charged since they performed their duties. Strangers that is Contributing to Delinquency of a minor has a different class. The stranger must have consent from the minors parents or do it as an emergency.Contributing to Delinquency of a Minor

Punishments for Contributing to DELINQUENCY of a minor

Contributing to Delinquency of a minor can be either a misdemeanor or infraction. as a misdemeanor you can get a year in jail a $2,500 jail, and up to a five years of probation if you are liable as a parent. This is like child endangerment law. As a stranger then you can receive six months in jail and a $2,500 fine.. As an infraction its a simple $250 crime. If you are a professional such as a teacher then you can lose your teaching credential. Related offenses can include kidnapping, false imprisonment, and stalking.

Don’t let yourself get taken advantage of. Its important to hire an attorney to make sure you are not falsely charged.

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