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Pharmacist Discipline

Pharmacist Discipline

Pharmacist Discipline. The Board of Pharmacypharmacist under California Department of Consumer affairs regulates pharmacist, and its interns and technicians. And so its the Board that has the discretion to discipline those with licenses of certain crimes. They can do this by probation, suspension, or revoke their license itself. This is because the board has to ensure public protection. Criminal convictions that can lead to discipline are crimes that are substantially related to the profession.

Substantially Related

Problem is that substantially related is a very vague term. Serious crimes such as rape, forgery, or DUI are likely to get discipline. However that does not mean misdemeanors are off the hook. Crimes such as petty theft is a crime that can lead to discipline as well. However a judge does not have to agree with the board in some cases. Domestic violence although can be related to pharmacy, a judge can disagree. However a judge will have to know the specifics of the case.  The Board can put you on probation for a minimum of three years with a license suspension.  It Depends on the seriousness of the crime (in their guidelines), it can be a Category II or Category III violation. However committing a crime is not the end all be all for your license. Rehabilitation is an option that you can take. You have to show evidence of  1. remorse or restitution. 2. you went to counseling or group therapy. 3. you did community service. 4. Letters of reference from your employers. 5. And that you were obeying the law since the conviction. The Board has no choice and has to look at all of them. That means even if you lost your license, eventually you can get reinstated.

Fighting the Board

If you got an accusation that says the board will discipline you, as a pharmacist, you have options. You or an attorney can negotiate to lessen the disciplinary action. Or you can get a hearing in front of a judge to show evidence and do cross examinations. However you have only 15 days to do so.

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