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Possessing Alcohol Under 21

Possessing Alcohol Under 21Possessing Alcohol Under 21

You should know that it is illegal to buy alcohol if you are under 21. However if you are caught holding or Possessing Alcohol Under 21 you can see trouble. In order to be legally charged with this crime you have to meet two conditions. 1. That you possessed an alcoholic beverage in/on a street, highway, public place, or place open to the public. and 2. that when you were under 21. So what does this mean? Well you can’t legally have alcohol until you are 21. So how does the court decide whether you’re 21? You are officially one year older as soon as the first minute of your birthday as begun. That means that if you are 20 years old trying to get an early drink before your birthday at midnight, its still technically illegal. As close as you are to becoming 21 you are still technically below the legal age limit. A public place or a place open to the public is basically something like a park. That means if you were at home drinking alcohol and you stayed home, that is a private area and the law does not apply here.

What is possessing?

Possessing Alcohol Under 21 doesn’t mean you actually have to hold or it touch it to posses it. You just have to have control over it either personally or through another person. That means you are legally in possession of alcohol if you have an drink in your car. However if you were following reasonable instructions from your parent/guardian/responsible adult relative/employee to deliver or dispose of the alcohol then you did not break the law.

Punishments for Possessing Alcohol Under 21

This is a misdemeanor. You could see a $250 fine ($500 if it is a second offense). Up to 32 hours of community service (48 if its a second offense). Participation in a youth drunk driver program. Along with a one year driver license suspension (extra year for each underage alcohol or drug conviction).

If you or a loved one were charged for this crime, have an attorney represent you and get you through.