Navigating a 148 Charge at the Westminster Courthouse

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Our client was arrested for 148 Charge for the Westminster Courthouse , known as a 148A in California. He was at Hurricanes Bar in downtown Huntington Beach, hanging out on the balcony, when he saw a Huntington Beach police officer walk by. In response, he shouted at the officer and gave him the middle finger. […]

Westminster DUI Defense: Turning a Jail Sentence Around

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We had a Westminster DUI Defense for Our client who a pharmacy student, he was apprehended on the 22 in Westminster, following a DUI collision with drugs present in his system. His case was brought to Westminster Court, classified as a first DUI involving prescription medication found in his blood, due to the presence of […]

2 DUI Charges and a Victory at Fullerton Courthouse

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Our client got multiple DUIs in Orange County between 2017 and 2019 at the Fullerton courthouse. He failed to appear for the 2017 DUI. Eventually, he incurred a second DUI in 2019 and failed to appear for this second DUI as well. This resulted in a bench warrant for dui against our client. The Orange […]

Hit-and-Run Charges in Westminster: A Case of Mistaken Identity

West Justice Center - 3 Important Things to Know About Your Court Trip

Our client attended a wedding party; however, later that night, she was accused of a hit-and-run with DUI involving her car, which subsequently struck another vehicle. The police said she was driving and then her friends extracted her from the car and drove her away, leaving her vehicle at the scene. This incident occurred in […]

Successful Sleeping in Car DUI Defense at the Santa Ana Courthouse

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Sleeping in Car DUI Defense We used one our Successful DUI Defense to get our client out of trouble. Our client was apprehended in front of the Swinging Door Saloon in Tustin, CA, with a blood alcohol content over 0.20. He was found asleep in his car after a night of drinking. The Tustin Police […]

Successful Shoplifting Charge Dismissal at Tustin Costco

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Our client got a Successful Shoplifting Charge Dismissal, a head of household and an engineer of South Asian descent, was responsible for providing for his family. On a visit to the Costco at Tustin Marketplace, he purchased approximately $250 worth of items. Unnoticed, he left some toner at the bottom of his cart and walked […]

Disneyland Public Intoxication Case Dismissed: International Client Success

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Our client, visiting the United States from Australia, enjoyed his time in downtown Disneyland and got picked up for Disneyland Public Intoxication. However, he eventually passed out in front of the AMC theater, lying in his own vomit. The Anaheim Police Department responded, took him into custody, and issued him a citation. Being on vacation, […]

Successful Dismissal of Prostitution Solicitation Case in Newport Beach

We assisted our client, who faced legal trouble for attempting to purchase sexual services on private delights. He discovered an online advertisement offering full service sex for $120. After negotiating the price for the full service and additional services via text messages (referred to as ‘Greek’), he arrived at the designated hotel in South County. […]

647 B Case Dismissal: Tackling Prostitution Allegations with Community Service

Orange County Prostitution rubmaps

We assisted our client who was accused of violating 647 B, commonly known as prostitution in California. The incident occurred in a condo in South County, where our client was found in a room with a man, a frequent acquaintance of hers. During their meeting, the establishment was raided by the police. The prosecution attempted […]