The Santa Ana DUI with Injury Case: A Legal Breakthrough

Santa Ana DUI Accident Scene - Four Damaged Cars in Suburban Neighborhood

Santa Ana DUI Over View Case Background: In a harrowing incident of a Santa Ana DUI, our client, a late-30s, divorced, pregnant woman, was involved in a DUI with accident with three cars. Charged with DUI with injury, this case took a serious turn, bordering on great bodily injury. The arrest led to a substantial […]

Banning Courthouse Case Study: From 100 MPH DUI to Wet Reckless Plea

A vibrant red modern sports car, sleek and aerodynamic, speeding over 100 mph in a suburban setting.

Case Background: High-Speed DUI and Legal Challenges for a Work Visa Holder We recently represented a client who was in the United States on a work visa at the Banning Courthouse in Riverside Calfiornia. He is an Indian national and was here for work at a company. He got pulled over for a 1st DUI, […]

Successful Diversion Motion in a Shoplifting Case from Nordstrom at LAX Courthouse

A South Asian woman in a store looking suspicious, holding sunglasses.

Case Overview We recently represented a female client and got her a Successful Diversion Motion in a Shoplifting Case involved in a Penal Code 484 shoplifting incident at Nordstrom on Santa Monica Blvd. This ultimately ended up at the LAX Courthouse. In February 2023, she was caught with a pair of sunglasses and several clothing […]

Cross-Cultural Legal Defense: Results for a Korean National DUI Case in the U.S.

Visual of a single-car accident on a freeway: damaged red sedan.

International Visitor Arrested for a DUI: Case Study of a Korean Citizen Background of the Case A Korean citizen, in his mid-20s, visited the United States and faced unexpected legal challenges during his vacation. While enjoying his time and driving a rental car, he unfortunately got involved in an accident and was found to be […]

From Disneyland to Fullerton Courthouse: Winning a Shoplifting Case

Caught Shoplifting at Disneyland Hats

Shoplifting at Disneyland: A Legal Case Study Introduction to the Case Our client, a devoted Disneyland enthusiast from the Bay Area, faced a shoplifting accusation during a visit to Disneyland with her daughter. Despite owning most of the merchandise, she was alleged to have stolen more items than she actually had. She has an autistic […]

Addressing Back-to-Back Shoplifting at Sephora: The Westminster Courthouse Experience

Sephora South Coast Plaza e1473639447881 1 1

Understanding Shoplifting Cases: A Case Study at South Coast Plaza Client Background and Motivation We recently handled Back-to-Back shoplifting cases involving a client at the local Sephora in South Coast Plaza. The case eventually ended up at the Westminster Courthouse. This client, a Vietnamese woman in her mid-20s and a student at a nearby college, […]

Successful Dismissal of Disneyland Drug Charges at Fullerton Courthouse

DT disney

Background of the Our Client face Disneyland Drug Charges Our client, faced Disneyland H&S 11350 Possession of Controlled Substance Charges which is a challenging situation when he was caught with mushrooms (shrooms) at the amusement park. Complicating matters further, he was not a local resident, living up north, where the possession of shrooms is often […]