Successful 647 f Huntington Beach Disorderly Conduct Case Dismissal at Westminster Courthouse

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We’re excited to share a recent triumph at the Westminster Courthouse where we achieved a dismissal for a client charged with public intoxication. This outcome was the result of persistent efforts and multiple court appearances in the pretrial process, culminating in an agreement with the prosecutor for charge dismissal in exchange for attending classes.

Our client, a dedicated college student with a promising future and no prior criminal record, found themselves in a challenging situation. According to the police report (below), officers were called to a location due to a report of a suspicious individual attempting to enter a vehicle. The individual, believed to be under the influence, was mistakenly trying to access a vehicle that was not theirs.

Upon arrival, officers noted the individual’s impaired condition, evidenced by slurred speech, difficulty maintaining balance, and a strong odor of alcohol. Despite the circumstances, the vehicle’s owner did not wish to press charges, acknowledging the individual’s intoxicated state.

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In court, we emphasized our client’s clean history and the isolated nature of this incident. Our arguments, coupled with a proactive approach in negotiating with the prosecution, led to a favorable decision. The court agreed to dismiss the charges, allowing our client to participate in educational classes instead.

This case highlights the importance of thorough legal representation and the potential for rehabilitative measures over punitive actions, especially for young individuals with their whole future ahead.

What are the qualifications and experience of the attorneys handling cases like mine?

I have been practicing in these local courts for 13 years and have handled thousands of cases across the county. Many of these cases have resulted in successful outcomes and satisfied clients.

How does the firm handle communication with clients throughout the case?

Regarding communication, we ensure our clients are kept up-to-date. We use a combination of text messages and email. We have a system in place so that clients are notified of upcoming court dates. However, they are also advised that they do not necessarily have to attend. In cases where their presence is required, they are informed accordingly. Understanding that not all clients have access to email, we also open up our cell phones to text messages.

What are the typical legal fees and payment structures for a case like this?

The typical legal fees for this type of case, such as public drunkenness or disorderly conduct in Huntington Beach, are approximately $3,200. This amount is a flat fee, not a contingency fee or a retainer where we bill you by the hour. The $3,200 covers all your court appearances, regardless of how many times we go, whether it’s 10 to 15 times, the fee remains the same.

What are the possible outcomes for a case like mine, and how does the firm plan to achieve the best result?

Every case is different. You’re welcome to call our office and discuss the facts with us for a free analysis. We will not charge for this. In fact, you may not even need to come to the office; a phone call should be sufficient.

If you or someone you know is facing similar charges and needs expert legal assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing the best possible defense and achieving positive outcomes for our clients.

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Hand down the best attorney I have ever worked with!!! My friend recommended Hieu because I needed to expunge something I did when I was young and dumb. Hieu is very humble, personable, and made me feel very comfortable. He's surprisingly funny too. Something not all lawyers are / can do. His pricing is very reasonable and he updated me on everything frequently. I highly recommend him!!!!

Lila K

I had interviewed many attorneys to discuss my very unfortunate situation that was set by someone I knew. Hieu Vu was the most honest, caring, and professional attorney with compassion and empathy I ever interviewed. HE REALLY HAD A HEART. His fees were very reasonable and he will fight for you not just for your dollars but because he cares for his clients... I would strongly recommend him if you feel your life is upside down. Things happen but we learn to become better person.

Mark K

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