From Car Flip to Case Flip: Winning a DUI Dismissal in Westminster

DUI dismissal in Westminster

We successfully assisted our client in a case involving a DUI with an accident, which ultimately got dismissed. Our client was the sole driver of his car in a Garden Grove neighborhood when he flipped his car over. Following the accident, medics had to extricate him from the vehicle. The Garden Grove Police Department DUI Officer later visited him at the UCI Medical Center for interrogation. From a layperson’s standpoint, and evidently from the officer’s perspective, the case appeared to be a clear instance of DUI. However, the officer’s report contained significant errors, particularly regarding the time of driving, which created a substantial gap in the prosecution’s case. Additionally, issues with witness availability further weakened their position.

DUI with accident dismissal

In response, we filed a 1538.5 motion for dismissal. With the combined factors at play, we successfully achieved a dismissal of the case. As a result, our client faced no DMV sanctions from the Orange Driver Safety Office and avoided a criminal conviction from the Westminster courthouse for this DUI with an accident

Internal Case file name: BT

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Hand down the best attorney I have ever worked with!!! My friend recommended Hieu because I needed to expunge something I did when I was young and dumb. Hieu is very humble, personable, and made me feel very comfortable. He's surprisingly funny too. Something not all lawyers are / can do. His pricing is very reasonable and he updated me on everything frequently. I highly recommend him!!!!

Lila K

I had interviewed many attorneys to discuss my very unfortunate situation that was set by someone I knew. Hieu Vu was the most honest, caring, and professional attorney with compassion and empathy I ever interviewed. HE REALLY HAD A HEART. His fees were very reasonable and he will fight for you not just for your dollars but because he cares for his clients... I would strongly recommend him if you feel your life is upside down. Things happen but we learn to become better person.

Mark K

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