California Restricted License – 3 steps to getting one

I get many questions about people getting a California Restricted License (CA Restricted License). For a first time California DUI your driving privilege/license will face automatic suspension within 30 days after your dui arrest unless you request an administrative hearing or limited driving privileges.

There are a few exceptions but as long as you meet these qualifications you should be abck on the road.

People who lose have their license suspension due to a DUI will need a supplemental form of insurance for the purpose of getting a restricted license and reinstating their driving privileges.

There are several paths you can go. This page will go over the instructions (does not apply to a people with commercial driving privileges) needed for a driver license on a first DUI. There are documents you will need for the application process.


Option 1 (No need to wait out the suspension period))

  • Immediately Get an IID Device
  • Get an SR 22 ( proof of financial responsibility) to be sent in electroniclly to the department of motor vehicles
  • Be enrolled in a DUI Class (This is like traffic school for DUI). You can also use your enrollment in class for your criminal charges as well.  Some driving schools will want your driving record printout. This is called an H6. You can get this at the DMV online. 
  • Pay a License Fee of $125.00

Option 2 Option 2 (Waiting and given a limited driving priviliges. Conditions include only going to work and treatment program.

  • Wait out your first 30 days of suspension (hard suspension period)
  • Use a Date Calculator like the one below to easily calculate your eligibility date.
  • Be enrolled in a DUI Class for your alcohol related offense
  • Pay a Restrcited License fee of $125.00
California Restricted license Instructions

There are steps you need to take for a restricted license