November 14

California Domestic Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic Violence


How to Beat Domestic Violence Charges

Time needed: 90 days.

Having the right pieces in place is important to beat your domestic violence charge. If a witness is not in court then they can’t testify.

  1. Find out if victim will testify

    Your case is much stronger if you have a victim that is cooperative. Find out if they are on board.

  2. Have YOUR attorney review case

    Even with a cooperative witness, the facts of yoru case to beat your domestic violence charge is still subjected to the rule of evidence. Consult with an attorney to flesh out the facts.

  3. Hire Attorney for victim if they are served with a Subpoena

    You MUST show up to court if served with a subpoena. There are jail penalties and the possibility of a warrant if you do not.

  4. Set the Matter for Trial.

    By setting the matter for trial with a cooperative witness, this makes the easier to beat your domestic violence charge because the prosecutor will have a witness that is hostile.

California Domestic Domestic Violence Laws – Frequently Asked Questions

Why does victim have to show up to beat your domestic violence charge?

What will the second lawyer do to help to help?

To beat your Domestic Violence Case, you need to keep out the victims statements.

Why set the matter for trial when the case is so obvious.

This is an adverserial system. You must take action on your case to get results. It would be nice to beat your domestic violence case by asking for it.

What are some of the rules of evidence as it relates to a domestic vioelnce case.

The biggest area of law when to beat your domestic violence is the hearsay (out of court statement) and Crawford family of cases.

Does Victim Have to Testify?

Legally yes, however if they opted not to then there are sanctions. The magic to beating the case is not getting the witness to testify and getting them thru the sanction.


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