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Battery with Serious Bodily Injury

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Battery with Serious Bodily Injury

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Battery with Serious Bodily Injury is a serious crime. Battery with Serious Bodily Injury is a case that’s still winnable however. In a regular battery case, the victim is mostly only suffering minor injuries. Battery with Serious Bodily Injury is an extension of that assuming that the injuries are more severe. Battery with Serious Bodily Injury falls into two different categories depending on the victim’s injury. The two categories include “serious bodily injury”, and “great bodily injury”. Serious bodily injuries can include but not limited to loss of consciousness, concussion, bone fractures, loss of function of bodily member or organs, wounds that require extensive stitching, and serious disfigurement. Great bodily injuries include all of those on a more extreme basis. Great bodily injuries usually deals with victims that are near critically injured, or near critically impaired.

Punishments for Battery with Serious Bodily InjuryBattery with Serious Bodily Injury

Battery with Serious Bodily Injury is considered a wobbler crime. A wobbler crime is a crime that can go as either a misdemeanor or a felony. The charges depend on the circumstances of the crime and criminal history. As a misdemeanor you will see up to a $1,000 fine and a year in jail. As a felony you can see up to 4 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. If charged as a misdemeanor then a 10 year ban will be issued on your purchase of firearms. A felony will l impose a lifetime ban on buying or owning firearms. If the injuries is classified as great bodily injury, it will add a strike to your criminal record. If the victim in a battery case is an intimate partner, then the crime will fall under a case of domestic violence. Intimate partners include, spouses (current or former), co-habitant, mother or father of your child, your date, or fiance (current or former).

Having an attorney can help prevent a Battery with Serious Bodily Injury get out of control

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