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Battery against school employee

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Battery against school employee

Battery against school employee is a very simple crime but is very serious inBattery against school employee nature. Its a sub-type of battery that is done against a specific group of people. In order to charge you with battery the prosecutor has to prove 5 (possibly 6) things. 1. that the victim of the battery against school employee. that means that it is any person that is a certified or classified employee of a school district. That person may be doing it on a part time or full time basis. Examples may include teacher, substitute teacher or a school board member. 2. that you willfully and with criminal intent harmed the victim. 3. when the victim was doing his/her duty as a school employee. 4. You knew or can reasonably tell the victim was a school employee. 5. victim suffered injuries because of the battery. 6. that you did it for reasons that weren’t self defense. Its important to know that all of this is not possible without intent. if you accidentally hurt someone it does not satisfy the second condition. Usually when it comes to battery and assault cases its usually because someone has a grudge against someone else. And therefore intent is the key part when it comes to crimes like these. A thing to know here is that battery can result from the slightest touch. This touch can even be indirect. Contact with a person through his/her clothing is enough to count as battery. The touch itself does not have to inflict pain or injury. So what does this mean when there was contact but there was no injury? It then falls to the judge/jury to decide how severe the crime can get.

If you or someone you know had an unfortunate run in with the law for battery against school employee, get help from an attorney to clear it up.

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