Bartending While on Probation

 Bartending While on Probation

This is a common question I get.  Many bartenders and people in the service industry get into trouble with the law for one reason or the other. On top of that one of the troubles I run into is the old wives tale of a no bartending while on probation term when you are on probation.  This is half true. As with most half truths there is a little explaining to do about this. Whether you will be able to be bartending while on probation will depend on the deal that is worked out on your case.

Bartending While on Probation

It’s important that your attorney is aware of your job in the service industry if you are pulled over for a DUI. It can be a career ender if handled incorrectly.

Terms of your plea bargaining

There are different terms on your probation. These terms can be a no alcohol consumption term which is obvious and self explanatory. However there are other terms which most people are surprised about and causes a lot of confusion because of the lack of uniformity. One of these terms is the not to be around an establishments that serves alcohol. This term is negotiated and must be looked out for.  Most able DUI attorneys will look out for this term when negotiations start. This is one of the many reasons why you need an attorney is competent in DUI laws to handle your case. If this slips by then you will be one of the few people who will not be able to be bartending while on probation. It’s self explanatory but this is a career ender if you are a bartender. You need to make money and being precluded from work will send you down hill fast. This happens a lot in Newport Beach at the Harbor Courthouse and I have seen it at other Orange County Courthouses on 2nd time DUIs.  It’s important that you select the right attorney who is competent and knows what to look out for.


Hieu Vu

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