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California Speeding Ticket Cost – Judges are asking for bail in Southern California.

California Speeding Ticket Cost

I’ve been to many courts in Southern California and have noticed that the price for a California Speeding Ticket Cost is going to go up. Some courts shock me more than others.  My clients are not the only ones who are not following the law.  Many judges are asking for bail on traffic speeding tickets. This happens even when there is counsel involved which can increase the cost of a California Speeding Ticket Cost.  I will not name the two courts involved, but they asked for bail. One court in particular was persistent in asking for it and will not budge even with counsel. I can’t imagine what they do with people who are not trained in the law.  I don’t really understand it as bail is necessary to only secure the public safety or to secure future appearances.  This led me to addressing the judge with the old wind up “You honor I don’t mean to be rude….” which went in one ear and out the other.  It wasn’t until  I pushed harder which resulted in me getting his attention and he set it for a bail hearing.  I bet he knew it was a pain in the ass to have me come back for a bail hearing on a traffic ticket and just wanted me to throw my client under the bus, but I opted for the bail hearing.  Again this led to me citing the judicial cannon.

California Speeding Ticket Cost

The cost of a California Speeding Ticket Cost can jump up substantialy when bail is imposed.


Again., I really didn’t think a bail hearing was necessary as there are no public safety concerns with a speeding ticket. This goes regardless of whether our client FTA in the first instance.  Apparently we disagree on the second issue, of whether my client or I  will be there for trial.  Apparently from his ruling he has doubts counsel will show up.  This needs to stop, we need to stand up to judges who impose bail on our traffic clients. I know if everyone got educated on the law and started opposing the bail, the court will give in.

301 – How to Get Off Probation – 2 Things to Know

How to Get Off Probation

What are the benefits of me getting off Probation?

How to Get off Probation

Getting off probation is not the easiest thing to do. There are many reasons why the court will deny such a request.

One of the main reasons is for the purpose of a job. People apply to jobs or schools which require them to not be on probation. By being on probation ,this hurts their chances. In southern California the short answer is yes, but the question of How to Get Off Probation still remains. It is possible to get out of probation. However, there are a number of factors which can affect a person getting off probation early. Some of these may include what the charges were originally for, whether restitution was paid, the judge it is in front of, the court, the attitude of the local district attorney and the length of time the person has been on probation. These are just a few of the factors.

Whether I should Terminate Probation Myself?

This question is also followed up with how can I do it myself. I don’t recommend anyone do this themselves as there are things a person would miss out on. There are certain things which must be done such as noticing the proper parties and making arguments in case the prosecuting agency objects. The best way to approach this is to have an advocate on your side who is familiar with the system and the local custom of the court. They will know whether to bring in letters of employment or transcripts. For example, one DA in the San Diego area loves military and will bend over backwards to get the guy in.

As with most cases, it is very fact specific on How to Get Off Probation early. It is one big puzzle for the purpose of getting your life back together. .

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