6 Important Things You Need To Know About Expunged Records On Background Checks

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#1) Do expunged records on background check? Yes.  When you are arrested, face criminal charges, and suffer a conviction in court for a criminal offense there is a record of this. There is an arrest record, court, and conviction.  This is the case even if you use expungements to clear your cases.  However,  your criminal […]

5 Types of Prescription Medication that Can get You a Drug DUI

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People usually associate DUI with alcohol, but the truth is that a lot of people are facing DUI-related charges for far less awful reasons. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after taking certain prescribed medications can be a crime. Yes, the use of legal drugs can lead to a DUI arrest and conviction, and […]

2 Things You Need To Know About Online DUI Classes In California

Online DUI Classes in California

Thinking about Online DUI classes in California? Did you get a letter of Notification of findings in the mail for your DMV APS Hearing? Do you want to get your license back? One question you have is whether you should consider one of the online DUI classes in California.  If so, then you need to read […]

Orange County 3rd DUI – What You Need to Know

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Each time you get caught and convicted of driving under the influence in Orange County, the penalties will go up.   Eventually, you can spend significant time in jail if you are arrested for an Orange County 3rd DUI. When is a case a third time DUI? The law makes any new arrest subject to a […]

Orange County DNA Collection – 3 Facts You Need to Know Now

Orange County Superior Court and DNA

What is Orange County DNA Collection and How did it Get Started? The Orange County DNA Collection was started by Tony Rackauckas when he was heading the Orange County District Attorney Office, which collects a DNA profile (genetic samples via saliva samples) of low-level misdemeanors defendants for law enforcement purposes. These misdemeanors include shoplifting, DUI, […]

Are Defensive Driving Courses Worth It?

Are Defensive Driving Courses Worth It?

You can save a lot of money on your car insurance by completing a defensive driving course. Agreeing to complete a defensive driving course can earn you dismissals on tickets and citations. It’s wise to become better at defensive driving for not only safety reasons, but also for how it will lower your car insurance […]

First offense DUI in California – 9 Questions You Have Now

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You’ve never had a run in with the law and hardly a traffic ticket. But suddenly, you find yourself in jail on a first time DUI.  You are released and now have a ton of questions about this experience and where to start. As a Criminal Defense Attorney in Orange County, I have dealt with thousands […]

5 Important Things Must Never Do When Caught Shoplifting

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Hopefully, you are reading this list before you are caught shoplifting. These are the things you should never do when that day comes when you are stopped by lost prevention and taken into the backroom for a shoplifting charge. The backroom is where they will ask you about any previous items you have taken in […]

Solicitation of Prostitution Via Text – 4 Things To Know Now If You’re Arrested

Solicitation of Prostitution Via

In Orange County, California, if you are arrested in a sex sting, you are looking at potential penalties of jail time, fines, and being placed on the Orange County District Attorney’s List of Sex Purchasers. . In addition, you are risking your significant other discovering what happened and your marriage being at stake.  It is […]

What Happens When you get Caught Shoplifting at Disneyland?

Caught Shoplifting at Disneyland Hats

Getting caught shoplifting at Disneyland or Disney California Adventure is not what you would expect to happen on a day out with the family in Southern California. Disneyland is known as the happiest place on earth. For most people, it is, unless you or a loved one have been caught playing with the five-finger discount. […]