Reducing DUI Charges at the Newport Beach Courthouse – A Senior Citizen’s Journey:

A photo of the Harbor Justice Center front entrance on a sunny day.

In this post, we’re excited to share an incredible success story from our legal files, showcasing how tactical thinking and a deep understanding of the law can lead to favorable outcomes for our clients at the Newport Beach Courthouse. The Incident Our client, a senior citizen, found herself in a challenging situation after dining at […]

3rd DUI Charges in Orange County for a Healthcare Professional at the Westminster Courthouse

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Case Background: We recently represented a medical professional specializing in emergency medicine who faced his second DUI charge at the Westminster courthouse in Orange County. During our representation for this second DUI, he unfortunately incurred a third DUI, also at the Westminster courthouse. This individual’s job required him to travel between hospitals in the LA […]

Buena Park Massage Therapist Accused of Prostitution at the Fullerton Courthouse

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In a recent case that our firm took to court multiple times, we achieved a remarkable success by getting the case dismissed for our client, a massage therapist, who was wrongfully accused of solicitation for sex or what is otherwise known as a 647(b)(1) charge. Case Overview: The accusation stemmed from an undercover operation conducted […]

DUI Checkpoint: A Successful Reduction to a Wet Reckless at the Santa Ana Courthouse

Our firm recently achieved a significant reduction in DUI charges to a Wet reckless for a client at the Santa Ana Courthouse. Showcasing our skills  in handling complex DUI cases with a detailed, fact-based defense approach. Case Background: The incident unfolded at a DUI checkpoint, where our client, behind the wheel of a Toyota Highlander, […]

The Fullerton Courthouse Victory: A Tale of Conquering Multiple Probation Violations

Fullerton courrthouse

Case Background: We represented a client at the Fullerton courthouse who received a DUI in 2020. Her situation was unique because she had a DUI but decided not to drive anymore. Consequently, she chose not to participate in the AB 541 or first offender DUI class. Additionally, she had multiple delays in completing her community […]

Navigating Your First Court Appearance: A Comprehensive Guide

A photo of the Harbor Justice Center front entrance on a sunny day.

Introduction for your First Court Appearance Understanding the significance of your first court appearance is crucial in a criminal case. This initial step marks your formal introduction to the Orange County courthouse, where you’ll learn about the charges against you. For newcomers to the legal system, the experience can be overwhelming, involving unfamiliar surroundings and […]

Harbor Justice Center: A Detailed Overview of Criminal Case Handling and Court Services

A photo of the Harbor Justice Center front entrance on a sunny day.

Introduction The Harbor Justice Center handles criminal cases in the Newport Beach area and South County. In other words, if your case originates from Irvine, Aliso Viejo, or Ladera Ranch, it will be handled at the Newport Beach Courthouse. This courthouse manages both misdemeanor cases, such as DUIs, public intoxication, shoplifting and domestic violence, as […]