DUI Warrant – 8 Facts You Need to Know Now

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What Happens When You Have a Warrant for a DUI in Orange County?  A DUI warrant is an order from a judge to arrest someone who has failed to comply with a court order. Bench warrants are often used to enforce DUI laws before and after conviction. A person may receive a bench warrant if […]

Hit and Run ticket – 7 Important Facts You Need to Know

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A hit and run is not your standard traffic tickets. Drivers involved in accidents are required to exchange personal and insurance information, but if injured, they must also try to help others. Some drivers are so scared or panicked that they flee instead of stopping to give reasonable assistance at the accident scene. The following […]

Can a Misdemeanor Domestic Violence be Expunged – 7 Frequently Asked Question

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Misdemeanor domestic violence expungement Can a Misdemeanor Domestic Violence be Expunged? It’s one of the most common questions I get in my practice. Domestic violence convictions may be expunged in the Orange County Courts if have been convicted and completed your probation. You ask your lawyer to file a motion, pay a fee, and appear […]

No Charges Filed Domestic Violence – 4 Things You Need to Know.

No Charges Filed at Arraignment

How Prosecuting Attorneys Make Charging Decisions on You Domestic Violence Case The prosecutor has discretion to decide whether to charge you with a crime and you may have been given a citation when you bailed out with a court date. A few things could happen on your arraignment date (first day) at court. Your case may […]

Domestic Violence Arrest Warrant – 3 Facts You Need to Know

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Domestic Violence Warrant A Domestic Violence Arrest Warrant are issued by courts when a person is being charged with  any kind of domestic violence offenses but has not been arrested. It is an order from the court to any police officer to take the person into custody. The charge that accompanies these are 243e1 and […]

Public Urination in Old Towne Orange Circle – 2 Important Things You Need to Know

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Public Urination Laws and Penalties in Old Town Orange  Public urination is illegal in Old Towne Orange Circle and around Chapman University.  You could be charged with a misdemeanor around Old Town Orange if you left the bar at night, needed a place to relieve yourself and got caught urinatating in the parking lot.  Old […]

How to avoid jail time for 3rd DUI in Orange County

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Consequences for a 3rd DUI in Orange County A third DUI conviction in Orange County carries harsh penalties including jail time and fines. You’ll likely face these consequences if you’re charged with driving under the influence. Most people are not worried about the fines in Orange County as they are similar to 1st and 2nd […]

Police Prostitution Stings – 4 Vital Things You Need to Know to Avoid Guilt

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How they Unfold Police Prostitution Stings are used to catch people having sex with prostitutes. They post advertisement for prostitution websites such as private delights, backpage, yesbackpage to offer services Then they would wait for men to text or contact them and arrange a time to meet. This is done via female officers voice over […]

California Criminal Protective Order and Child Custody

The Orange County Superior Court regularly hands out California Criminal Protective Orders in Domestic Violence and Violation of Restraining cases. Unfortunately, there are times when they hand out multiple orders and conflict with each other. These conflicts happen when there is a pending criminal charge with an ongoing family law (divorce case) What is a […]