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Does Public Urination Go on Your Record? – Criminal Defense Attorney

Does Public Urination Go on Your Record? – If the M is Circled on Your Promise to Appear then You Must Contact Me Now.

As a criminal defense attorney I am frequently asked the questions “Does Public Urination Go on Your Record” I always answer this question the same way. It depends on how you deal with it. Public Urination in California can be charged two ways. It can be charged either as a misdeameanor (which will go on your record) or infraction (which is equivalent of a traffic ticket) which will not go on your record.


Does Public Urination Go on Your Record?
Public Urination stays on your record if it is prosecuted as a Misdemeanor. It’s important to check your citation to see which was circled. An “M” will mean misdemeanor and an “I” would mean infraction.

The other way a Public Urination is charged is as a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor will go on your criminal record.  Your criminal record will follow you everywhere you go.  This includes jobs you apply for and licenses you apply for.  A misdemeanor conviction will happen when a person decides not to fight the charge and goes into court the first day an pleas guilty to the charge. If your citation has the M circled then you need to contact me now.

Why Does Public Urination Go on Your Record?

I suspect that it is more political than anything else. You are not committing a crime of the century. Actually it is more of a crime of youthful indiscretion. Some people prefer to think of it as “when you gottta go you gotta go” However, police officers are under pressure to clean up the city and keep citizens happy. Nobody  likes out of towners coming into town and pissing all over the place. So as a result they have started charging with Public Urination as misdemeanors.  Which leads it to go on people’s records.

When Does Public Urination Go on Your Record?

I am often asked the question of When Does Public Urination Go on Your Record? Some people think that it goes on your record at the moment you are given the ticket. This is not true. There are law in this nation and the state must prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt before they can put a misdemeanor on your record.

WHat to do?

If you are charged with a public urination then it is important that you get professional help for your case. Having an attorney for your case can mean the difference between having a criminal record  or getting an infraction.

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