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    • I recently came to attorney Hieu regarding my DUI case. He rocks! Hieu was very excellent in explaining to me about the court system and how the process went. Not only did he stayed on top of keeping me in the loop, I didn't get any jail time at all.

      John Doe

    • He is passionate about his practice and even has several breath machines inside his office. He knew all about the DUI process and answered all my questions. In the end, he won my DMV hearing and got my charges reduced to a reckless driving.

      John Doe

    • Hieu Vu did an outstanding job representing me with my DUI case. He had my charges knocked down enough for me so that I only had to attend a 3 month program instead of the 9 month program that is required for the level of BAC I had. Cannot say enough good things about his service.


    Meet the Lawyer

      “To the client, every angle is  important, there’s a number of questions, and each person also have their own worries.  Some will need a person to listen to them.  At the end of the day, it’s more than just delivering legal results. I put a 110% into  every person I work. I strive to make sure everyone knows what is going on and is kept in the loop as the case goes on.  The practice of law is more than just getting the results in court.” -Hieu Vu
      Say Not Guilty & Fight your Case Now

      When everything seems to be falling apart, it’s important to have an Attorney on your side when facing the court system. An arrest by a police officer starts a case against you. Regardless of truth, when you are arrested the criminal process is started against you. You must fight your case if you want to avoid the conviction from showing up on your criminal record.

      Instead of looking for ways to convict you, you need to have an attorney on your side who look for ways to win your case. You have the constitution on our side. There are rights entitled to you as an accused person. These rights let you bring people into court and put the burden of proof on the state.

      Never admit guilt even when you are confronted by a police officer. You have the protection of the constitution. It is up to the state to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. You are entitled to a jury of 12 peers. You also have the right to cross examine your accusers and produce evidence on your own behalf.

      Our Process

      You Tell Your Story

      An attorney client relationship is formed upon consult. You need to tell your side of the story with as much details as possible. There's more than the police side of the story. Often times there are witnesses and hasty decision makers. Everything talked about is covered by privilege.

      We Evaluate Your Case

      You and me work as a team. I guide your questions and figure out things that was overlooked. Upon collection of the facts, your side of the story, and review of the paperwork, interview of witness, we identify the weakness of the state's case and make a determination what to target. and a retainer is signed.

      Your Representation

      You do not have to go to court in most cases. In most cases clients do not have to go to court. DMV is lined up if this is a DUI and all subpoenas are sent out. Your 1st court date is covered and subsequent court date are covered. We communicate via phone, in person office visits, and text messages.